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Amanzi for Food

Amanzi for Food


Amanzi for Food is a Water Research Commission project lead by the Environmental Learning Research Centre at Rhodes University.

South Africa is a water scare country with all the available water resources already being used. This situation is likely to become even more serious as climate change leads to less rainfall, especially in the central and western areas of the country.

A reliable supply of good quality water is essential to growing food. ‘Water is Life’, and as the user of 50% of South Africa’s available water, agriculture has a major responsibility to ensure the most efficient use of this most precious of resources.

The Amanzi for Food project brings together stakeholders in the agricultural sector including farmers, extension services, agricultural training institutions and agricultural NGOs and CBOs to engage in collaborative learning. The programme facilitates co-engaged learning about different ways of harvesting, storing and using rainwater, while working to accommodate a range of stakeholder needs, and to ultimately improve sustainable and water conscious food production.

The Water Research Commission has worked with many people to gather information and develop materials on different methods of using rainwater for food production. The Amanzi for Food project takes this body of work further by working with these information resources and materials with a range of partners to encourage much wider use of these methods.

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For more details visit the website at: www.amanziforfood.co.za or

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Tel: at 046 603 8389

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