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 The Green Skills Project responds to the need for more proactive, concerted and coordinated efforts to analyse, plan for and develop green skills for South Africa, with a focus on the post - schooling system.

Green skills, by which we mean all environmental and sustainable development competences, are needed in all sectors, from Agriculture, Water, Banking and Construction, all the way to Zoological Research. Green skills are needed for environmentally?focused occupations and as critical competencies in a wide range of other occupations. Hence there is a need to plan for new green occupations, as well as greening of existing occupations.

Research informing green skills strategies in South Africa to date, shows that environmental skills planning in South Africa is largely reactive, uncoordinated and inadequate. In December 2014, the Green Fund granted the ELRC funding to lead a partnership that resulted in the Green Skills Project.

The overall objective of the Green Skills Project is to strengthen capacity for green skills planning, analysis and employment within the post-school sector in South Africa. The following are the main foci of the project:

  • New Knowledge Field Development for Green Skills Research: To map out green skills research methods currently in use in South Africa, to review them conceptually and to identify possible gap;
  • Green Skills Analysis and Planning Capacity Development: Develop a course, training materials and a professional development programme for green skills planners and researchers;
  • Green Occupations and Unlocking Demand for Green Jobs: Clarify descriptions of green occupations for OFO development and support employers, SETAs, DHET and other parties to better determine green skills needs, at a firm and sector level;
  • Green Skills Coordination: Create a platform for broader coordination, communication, thought leadership, and advocacy for green skills inclusion in major systems and mechanisms for skills planning and development.  

Contact us:

Visit our project website at: www.greenskills.co.za

For more information about this project, you can contact Presha Ramsarup

Email: presha.ramsarup@wits.ac.za

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