Dr Jamie McGregor

Dr Jamie McGregor


BA (Hons) (Rhodes), MA (UCT), PhD (Rhodes)

email address: j.mcgregor@ru.ac.za


On People of Note this week, Rodney Trudgeon will be talking to Dr Jamie McGregor of Rhodes University about a lecture he delivered recently at the UCT Summer School. The lecture was entitled “A Composer’s Midlife Crisis: Wagner before and after Schopenhauer”. It is generally thought that Wagner was never the same again after encountering the pessimistic philosophy of Arthur Schopenhauer midway through his greatest work, The RING. Dr McGregor discusses these and many other aspects of Wagner and his music including illustrations from Wagner’s operas. Click here for the radio interview.



Teaching and Research Interests

Myth, romance and fantasy (especially Tolkien and CS Lewis); Arthurian literature (from Malory to TH White); Romanticism; Modernism (especially Joyce). 

Jamie McGregor has a particular interest in Wagnerian music-drama and its literary/cultural influences and analogues. 

Selected Publications

2013    “Tolkien’s Devices:  The Heraldry of Middle-earth.”  Mythlore.  32.1/2:  93–109.

2011    “Two Rings to Rule them All:  A Comparative study of Tolkien and Wagner.”  Mythlore. 29.3/4: 133–53.

2006    “‘The Sea, Music and Death’:  The Shadow of Wagner in Woolf’s Mrs Dalloway.” English Studies in Africa. 49.2: 83–108.    



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