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Sam's Published Works


2017. A Survey of South African Crime Fiction: Critical Analysis and Publishing History, UKZN Press: Pietermaritzburg.

2017. Sherlock Holmes: Cultural Politics and Intellectual History, Palgrave Macmillan: London.

2010. Realising Human Rights for All: Navi Pillay, Arcadia Books: London.

Book Chapters: 

2021. "'We take heroin, we give cocaine, we give money, we distribuya. We take to whole world': Transnational Crime in Deon Meyer's Devil's Peak and Santiago Gamboa's Night Prayers". Transnational Crime Fiction: Mobility, Borders and Detection. Palgrave Macmillan.

2020. "'[A] girl from the village: totally unspoilt': Nazneen's 'Unhomeliness' in Monica Ali's Brick Lane". Bhat Shilpa Daithota (ed.). Alienness and Domiciles. Lexington Books. 53-69.  

2020. "Race and Ethnicity in Crime Fiction". Routledge Companion to Crime Fiction. Routledge. 111-118. Visit here for a limited promotion on this book. 

2019. "Diaspora and the Short Story". The Edinburgh Companion to the Short Story in English, Edinburgh University Press. 313-327.

2018. "Teaching Postcolonial Crime Fiction: A South African Case Study". ed. Beyer, Charlotte, Teaching Crime Fiction, "Teaching the New English" Series, Palgrave Macmillan. 83-98.

2018. "Negotiating Home-Homeland: An Analysis of Selected Life-Writing by Women Writers of the South Asian Diaspora". ed. Bhat Shilpa Daithota, Beyond Trishanku: Diaspora Poetics and Homing in South Asian Women's Writing, Lexington Books. 107-118.

2017. "A 'Horrific Breakdown of Reason': Holmes and the Postcolonial Anti-Detective Novel, Lost Ground". Sherlock Holmes in Context, Palgrave Macmillan. 115-131.

2017. "Poison and Antidote: 'Evil' and the Hero-Villain Binary in Deon Meyer's Post-Apartheid Crime Thriller, Devil's Peak". eds. Effron, Malcah and Brian Johnson, The Function of Evil Across Disciplinary Contexts, Lexington Press. 117-130.

2010. “Life-Writing: The Migrating Selves of Meena Alexander”. eds. Singh, Jaspal, K. & Chetty Rajendra, Comparative Poetics in the Literature of Transnational Indian Writers, Northern Michigan University. 87-96.

2007. “South Asian Diasporic Women’s Short Fiction: the South African Contribution”, eds. Kuortti, Joel & Mittapalli. Rajeshwar, Indian Women’s Short Fiction, Atlantic Publishers & Distributors. 47-75. 

2008. “Women Writers of the South Asian Diaspora: Towards a Transnational Feminist Aesthetic?”. eds. Raghuram, Parvati et al. Tracing an Indian Diaspora: Contexts, Memories and Representations, Sage Publications. 368-391.

Editor of Special Issue of Journals:

2019. Scrutiny2 24(1) - Dedicated to literature of the African, Asian, and Latin American Diasporas. Click here to access Scrutiny2

2016. Journal of Commonwealth and Postcolonial Studies 4(1) - Dedicated to Postcolonial and Transnational Crime Fiction.

2013. Current Writing 25(2) - Dedicated to crime fiction in South Africa.

Journal Articles:

2020. (With Andrea Thorpe) "Vulnerability and Consequential Complicity: The Figure of the Black Female Migrant in Miriam Tlali's 'Devil at a Dead End' and Chimamanda Adichie's 'On Monday of Last Week'”. Research in African Literatures, 51(3): 180-196.

2020. "'[T]hat ever-blurry line between us and the criminals': African Noir and the Ambiguity of Justice in Mukoma Wa Ngugi's Black Star Nairobi." Forum for Modern Language Studies: Noir Aesthetics in World Literatures. Online: https://doi.org/10.1093/fmls/cqaa020 

2019. "In Search of the 'Goodlife': Border Crossing and Agency in Luis Alberto Urrea's Into the Beautiful North and Graciela Limón's The River Flows North." Scrutiny2, 24(1), 92-103.

2019. "African Noir". Forum for Modern Language Studies: Noir Aesthetics in World Literatures. [Forthcoming]

2018. (With Andrea Thorpe) "'I don't belong nowhere really': The Figure of the London Migrant in Dan Jacobson's 'A Long Way from London' and Jean Rhys' 'Let Them Call It Jazz'". English Academy Review, 35(1): 26-37.

2016. "Crime Travel: A Survey of Representations of Transnational Crime in South African Crime Fiction". Journal of Commonwealth and Postcolonial Studies, 4(1): 3-22.

2016. "The Emergence of the Farm Crime Novel: Socio-Historical Crimes, Personal Crimes, and the Figure of the Dog". English in Africa, 43(2): 9-38.

2015. “The First World’s Third-World Expert: Self-Exoticisation in Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner”, with Mohammad Shabangu. Journal of Commonwealth and Postcolonial Studies, 1(3): 40-56.

2015. “Sherlock Holmes: Evolving Cultural Icon, Adaptations, Personhood, and Fan Communities”. The Human: Journal of Literature and Culture, 4: 4-19.

2015. (with Beth Le Roux) “South African Crime Fiction: Sleuthing the State Post-1994”, with Beth Le Roux. African Identities, 12(4): 283-294.

2014. “Crimes against Nature: Ecocritical Discourse in South African Crime Fiction”, Scrutiny 2, 19(2): 59-70.

2014. "Writing the Violated Body: Representations of Violence Against Women in Margie Orford's Crime Thriller Novels", Scrutiny 2, 19(1): 69-79.

2014. “The Struggle for Authority in George McCall Theal’s Kaffir Folkore (1882)”, Southern African Journal for Folklore Studies, 24(1): 78-97.

2013. “Vrou is Gif: The Representation of Violence against Women in Margie Orford’s Clare Hart Novels”, with Louise Vincent. African Safety Promotion: A Journal of Injury and Violence Prevention, 11(2): 48-62.

2013. “Crime Fiction, South Africa: A Critical Introduction”, Current Writing 25: 124-135.

2013. “Fears and Desires in South African Crime Fiction”, Journal of Southern African Studies 39(3): 727-738.

2012. “Three Tales of Theal: Biography, History and Ethnography on the Eastern Frontier”, English in Africa, 39(1): 51-68.

2005. “On Becoming an African-Asian English Academic at Rhodes University”, African Sociological Review, 9(1): 97-104.

2001. “The Myth of Authenticity: Folktales and Nationalism in the ‘new’ South Africa”, Scrutiny 2, 6(2): 17-26.

Book Reviews:

2018. De Kock, Leon. Losing the Plot: Crime, Reality and Fiction in Postapartheid Writing. 2016. WITS University Press. 277 pages (including Works Cited and Index). Jacobs, J.U. Diaspora and Identity in South African Fiction. 2016. UKZN Press. 354 pages (including Select Bibliography and Index). In English in Africa, 45(2): 133-139. 

2017. "'Plotting the Path to Virtue' Review of Losing the Plot: Crime, Reality and Fiction in Postapartheid Writing by Leon de Kock". in Tydskrif vir Letterkunde, 54(2): 180-182.

2009. The Writing Circle by Rozena Maart and Shalom India Housing Society by Esther David.  In Wasafiri: The Magazine of International Contemporary Writing, 57.

2002. “The Dinner Party” by Don Maclennan. WordStock (official publication of WordFest, project of the National Arts Festival).

2002.  “African Short Stories: Translating Africa”. Review of The Picador Book of African Stories, ed. by Stephen Gray. Picador. WordStock (official publication of WordFest, project of the National Arts Festival).

Web Publications:

2001. "The Myth of Authenticity: Folktales and Nationalism in the 'new' South Africa", Learning Online South African Literary Encyclopedia. Internet. www.mweblibrary.com. 



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