Dr Sue Marais


Dr Sue Marais

B.A. (Honours), HDE (UCT), M.A. (UPE), PhD (Rhodes)

email address: s.marais@ru.ac.za

Teaching and Research Interests

Short Fiction and Short Fiction Cycles; Modernist and Postmodernist Fiction; Post-Apartheid Literature; Transnational Film; The Body/Bodies in Theory and Film, Critical Race Theory, Gender & Queer Studies, Trauma Theory, Monstrous and Abject Bodies, and Posthuman Bodies.


Selected Publications

Book Chapters

2011. “‘Freeze-frame?’: (Re-)Imagining the Past – Vladislavić's Missing Persons.” Marginal Spaces: Reading Ivan Vladislavić. Ed. Gerald Gaylard. Johannesburg: Wits University Press. 25-45.

2001. “Discontinuity-in-Relationship: Apartheid in the South African Short Fiction Cycle.”  Apartheid Narratives. Ed. Nahem Yousef. Amsterdam: Rodopi. 191-203.

Journal Articles

2016. “‘The economies of repetition’: The Market, the Artistic and the Genocidal in Ivan Vladislavić’s ‘Curiouser’.” Journal of Commonwealth Literature. [forthcoming]

2005. “‘Queer Small Town People’: Fixations and Fictions of Fellowship in the Modern Short Story Cycle.” Current Writing 17.1: 14-36.

1999. “The Doll’s House or the House of the Father? Maja Kriel's Interrogation of the ‘Maid’/’Madam’ Theme in Original Sin and Other Stories.” English in Africa 26.1: 81-106.

1995. “Getting Lost in Cape Town: Spatial and Temporal Dislocation in the South African Short Fiction Cycle.” English in Africa 22.2: 29-43.

1992.  “Ivan Vladislavić's Re-vision of the South African Story Cycle.” Current Writing 4.1: 41-56.

Book Reviews

2020. Race, Nation, Translation: South African Essays, 1990-2003. Ed. Andrew Van Der Vlies. 47.3: 145-150.

1995. Original Sin and Other Stories by Maja Kriel; Coming In and Other Stories by Sheila Roberts. Current Writing 7.1: 144-147.

Academic Engagement/Portfolios:

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