Dr Thando Njovane


PhD (Rhodes)

Email address: t.njovane@ru.ac.za

ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-0602-2943

Twitter: @thandorasbox and @findingafrica


Teaching and Research Interests

My primary research is mainly interdisciplinary and focuses on Psychoanalysis, Trauma Theory, Memory and Childhood, with specific reference to Postcolonialism and African Literature. This focus is informed by my abiding interest in how childhood is represented in literature, particularly when that childhood is traumatic. I also address questions around the efficacy of using Euro-American theories in relation to multiple postcolonial contexts. In addition, my broader interests include Early Modern and Romantic literature and culture, experimental literatures ranging from speculative fiction to fantasy, cultures of violence and violation, feminisms and critical race theory. Some of my work is with colleagues at the Rhodes University Centre for Higher Education Research, Teaching and Learning (CHERTL). I am the co-director of Finding Africa.



Njovane, Thando. “’The Seduction of Ash’: Mia Couto’s ‘The Day Mabata-bata Exploded’ and ‘The Bird-Dreaming Baobab’”. English in Africa. 41:2 (2014). 

Njovane, Thando. [Review Article]: “Recent Research on Trauma, Memory and Narrative in the Postcolony” English in Africa. 41:1 (2014). 199-207.

Njovane, Thandokazi. “Trauma and Fragmented Memory in Uwem Akpan’s ‘Fattening for Gabon’”. English Studies in Africa. 55:2 (2012). 102-112.

Chapters in Books

Hlengwa, Amanda, Sioux McKenna and Thando Njovane. “The lenses we use to research student experiences”. Pathways to the Public Good: Access, Experiences and Outcomes of South African Undergraduate Education. Ed.  Paul Ashwin and Jennifer M. Case. Cape Town: African Minds, 2018.

Njovane, Thando. “Violence Beneath the Veil of Politeness: Reflections on Race and Power in the Academy”. Being at Home: Race, Institutional Culture and Transformation at South African Higher Education Institutions. Ed. Pedro Tabensky and Sally Matthews. Durban: UKZN Press, 2015.

Essays, Reviews, and Other Writing

Essay." A Seminal Catalyst of African Speculative Fiction - Thando Njovane Shares Three Thoughts of Nnedi Okorafor's Who Fears Death" in the Johannesburg Review of Books. November 2018. https://johannesburgreviewofbooks.com/2018/11/05/a-seminal-catalyst-of-african-speculative-fiction-thando-njovane-shares-three-thoughts-on-nnedi-okorafors-who-fears-death/

Review Essay. "'Through the crooked jogs of history': A Review of Peter Kimani’s Dance of the Jakaranda". Africa in Words. July 2018https://africainwords.com/2018/07/24/through-the-crooked-jogs-of-history-a-review-of-peter-kimanis-dance-of-the-jakaranda/

Poem. “Pathos” in Prufrock Issue 3 Volume 1, September 2016.

Review Essay, “Review: Ivan Vladislavi?’s 101 Detectives” in Africa in Words, March 2016. http://africainwords.com/2016/03/03/review-ivan-vladislavics-101-detectives/

Feature Article, “South Africa, Post-Trauma” in Africa is a Country, November 2015.http://africasacountry.com/2015/11/south-africa-post-trauma/.

Essay, “On Achille Mbembe’s ‘The State of South African Political Life’ in SLiPnet, September 2015. http://slipnet.co.za/view/blog/on-achille-mbembes-the-state-of-south-african-political-life/. Republished in The Rozenberg Quarterly. http://rozenbergquarterly.com/thando-njovan-on-achille-mbembes-the-state-of-south-african-political-life/

Review Essay, “Writer in Residence: Margie Orford at the University of York” in Finding Africa, June 2015. https://findingafricaseminar.wordpress.com/2015/06/15/writer-in-residence-margie-orford-at-york/

Conference Paper Excerpt, “Inexplicable Present: Post-Apartheid Subjectivity in Vladislavi?’s City” in Litnet Academic, August 2014. http://litnet.co.za/Article/inexplicable-present-post-apartheid-subjectivity-in-vladislavics-city

Review, “A National Treasure: Imraan Coovadia’s Institute for Taxi Poetry” in Litnet Academic, October 2012. litnet.co.za/Article/a-national-treasure-inmraan-coovadias-the-institute-for-taxi-poetry

Review Essay, “In the Style of Milton’s ‘Great Fiend’” in Wordstock, July 2009.


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