Beth Wyrill

Beth Wyrill is presently registered part-time for a PhD, the working title of which is “The Archival Turn: Rereading the Guy Butler Collection in the National English Literary Museum.” She also works full time at NELM as a research curator and registrar, which helpfully cross-pollinates with her doctoral research. Her research interests include South African literary fiction, history, historiographic metafiction, technologies of archive, heritage practices, and museology. Some of these are inherited from her MA project, which considered the interface between historical and literary-historical modes of writing, providing the impetus for the historical lens she is using for her PhD. Beth is supervised by Prof. Dirk Klopper.

Conference presentations:

AUETSA 2013: “In dialogue with absence: collections in Russel Brownlee’s Garden of the Plagues.”

AUETSA 2015: “‘This is my Gallery’: Meditations on Failure and Artistry in Etienne Van Heerden’s The Long Silence of Mario Salviati.”

Departmental Research Seminar:

May 2014: “Wrestling with Chronology: The Angel of History in Etienne van Heerden’s The Long Silence of Mario Salviati.”


Wyrill, Beth. “Rethinking Historiography in Russel Brownlee’s Garden of the Plagues.English in Africa. 42.3 (2015): 111–135.



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