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Malvern Van Wyk Smith


B.A.(Hons)(Stell.) M.A., M.Litt. (Oxon.), Ph.D. (Rhodes)

email address: m.vanwyksmith@ru.ac.za

Teaching & Research Interests: Western discourse of Africa (esp. the icon of "Ethiopia" as an organising myth in this discourse); African and South African literature; narratology and the rise of the novel; postcoloniality (esp. Kipling, Conrad, White); contempory poetry (esp. Plath and Hughes); postmodern metafiction.

Professor van Wyk Smith's book Drummer Hodge: the Poetry of the Anglo-Boer War appeared in 1978. His recent publications include the book Grounds of Contest: A survey of South African Literature (1990), and several papers and articles on the European image of Africa, colonial and postcolonial discourse, the Black Diaspora, and the teaching of literature. He has also reviewed a number of books on postcoloniality and South African fiction.

Awards: Professor van Wyk Smith was honoured with the Vice Chancellor's Distinguished Senior Research Award for 1999.


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