Prof Paul Walters

Professor Emeritus
Ph.D. (Rhodes)

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Teaching and Research Interests

The interface between university knowledges and theory and their uptake at various levels of pre-tertiary schooling. Worked for the Molteno Project for 8 years, providing through the darkest days of apartheid quality mother-tongue literacy and early English foundations in primary schools of the Department of Education and Training. Currently offer an elective called “Literature and Teaching”.

The Karoo: Lives and literatures. Published articles on aspects of Olive Schreiner’s life and writings. With Jeremy Fogg (former Deputy Director of NELM) working on a biography of S C Cronwright Schreiner. Editing for publication a selection of letters (from 1960 – 1995) written to Eve Palmer (author of The Plains of Camdeboo) from the farm which forms the subject of her book. Initiated and led (for 20 years) the Department’s annual Karoo Literary Field Trip for Honours students. Founding chairperson of The Schreiner Karoo Writers Festival which takes place annually in Cradock.

Early Modern Literature (1580 – 1690): As a Christian I revel in teaching Shakespeare, Donne, George Herbert and Milton. Currently offer an elective in which students read the WHOLE of Paradise Lost.

Selected Publications


2005  Ed. with Jeremy Fogg: Olive Schreiner: her Reinterment on Buffelskop. By S C       Cronwright-Schreiner. Commemorative Edition. Grahamstown: National English Literary Museum. (175 pp).

Articles in Journals

1996 "Issues in English Language Teaching in Primary Schools. ” In V. de Klerk (ed.) Varieties of English Around the World (Vol 15): Focus on Southern Africa. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

1997 “Why Teach American Literature in South Africa Today?  Some Preliminary Answers.” Fissions and Fusions: Proceedings of the First Conference of the Cape American Studies Association. Ed. Lesley Marx, Loes Nas and Lara Dunwell. UWC.    

2000 (With A van der Vlies,T van Niekerk, C Hornby) Eds. Romantics and Revolutionaries. Proceedings of the 1998 AUETSA Conference. Rhodes University: Grahamstown.

2004 (With Mark Rainier): “The Myth of Graduate Unemployability and the Teaching of English Literature.” Rebranding English. Proceedings of the AUETSA Conference. (University of the Witwatersrand, July 2001) Ed. Jessica Tiffin. UCT:  Cape Town.

2006 (With Jeremy Fogg): “Olive Schreiner at 150: Some Thoughts on Re-editing Cronwright’s The Reinterment on Buffelskop.” English in Africa 33: 1.

2007 (With Jeremy Fogg): “Schreiner in Rhodesia.” English in Africa 34: 2

2010 (With Jeremy Fogg): “The Short Sorry Tale of Trooper Peter Halket of Mashonaland and its Frontispiece”. English Studies in Africa 53:2.

2010 Review of Olive Schreiner Words in Season, ed Stephen Gray. English in Africa 37 : 2.

2015 (With Jeremy Fogg): “’This morning a year ago…’: Annotated Extracts from Samuel Cronwright’s Diaries (Sept. 1921-Nov. 1923)”. Resource. English in Africa 42:1.

2015 (With Jeremy Fogg): “A Great Olive Schreiner Question – Brilliantly Answered.” Review of Liz Stanley and Andrea Salter (eds): The World’s Great Question. Olive Schreiner’s South African Letters 1889-1920. English in Africa 42:1.





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