Dr Ranka Primorac

Dr Ranka Primorac

Dr Ranka Primorac is a Lecturer in English at the University of Southampton. She has degrees from the universities of Zagreb, Zimbabwe and Nottingham Trent, and is an Associate of the Department of African Languages and Cultures at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London. She sits on the editorial boards of The Journal of Commonwealth Literature and the Journal of Southern African Studies, as well as on the Council of the African Studies Association of the UK (ASAUK), and co-edits the new African Articulation book series (Boydell and Brewer).

Dr Primorac gave a keynote address at the Environment, Race, and Land Use conference at Rhodes University in 2015, convened the literary stream at the 50th biennial African Studies Association (ASA) UK conference at the University of Sussex in 2014, and was Visiting Professor with the Zambia Open University in Lusaka in 2013.

Dr Primorac’s research interests include African literatures and cultures (with emphasis on Southern Africa), world literary systems, narrative constructions of space-time, the social functioning of literary fictions, city cultures and texts, and new cosmopolitanisms.

Select Publications


Primorac, Ranka (2006) The place of tears: the novel and politics in modern Zimbabwe. London, GB, I.B.Tauris (International Library of African Studies).


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