Siân Rees

‌‌‌PhD studentSiân Rees

MA (Rhodes)

Research interests:

  • African language psycholinguistics
  • Morphology
  • Syntax
  • Phonology


PhD title:

Morphological Awareness in Grade 5 readers of isiXhosa and isiZulu

PhD supervisor: Mark de Vos

My entire Linguistics career has been drawn towards the more formal aspects of language, specifically the morphology and syntax of languages. The start of my postgraduate career launched my interest in the morphosyntax of South African languages in particular. During my Master's, there was a need to develop language appropriate tests for a language structure like isiXhosa, which became the main focus of my research. Now as I enter my PhD, with my knowledge of the rich and complex morphological systems of the Bantu languages, I am unpacking how children who speak an African language learn to read, specifically in the agglutinating orthographies.


Most recent conference presentation:

  • 2017: Rees, S. "A possible list of sight words for isiXhosa Foundation Phase: Corpora with complex lemma lists". Reading Association of South Africa. 14 October 2017. UNISA, Pretoria.


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