Sustainable Energy Solutions

In line with its Environmental Sustainability Policy, Rhodes University strives to promote opportunities, initiatives and measures that enable the university to manage and use its power supply efficiently, optimise and control the use of energy on campus in order to minimise its carbon footprint, in line with national and international emission reduction targets.

Sustainable Energy Ideas


Types of light bulbs Light Emitting Diode - Compact Fluorescent Light - Incandescent -
 Lifespan  Long  Medium Short
 Energy used (Watts)  3–10 W (10%)  9–24 W (24%)  40–100 W (100%)
Approx running cost (per year)  R18–R35  R28–R66  R103–R258
 Durability  Good  Poor (break easily)  Poor (break easily)
 Mercury content  Negligible  Low  Zero

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