Organisational Sustainability

In line with its Environmental Sustainability Policy, Rhodes University strives to play a leading role in promoting and implementing measures that support a safe, healthy and sustainable environment, and hence organisational sustainability. 

The environmental responsibilities outlined in RU's vision and mission statement drive this commitment, together with:

  1. Environmental pressures
  2. Economic pressures
  3. Social pressures

Organisational Sustainability Ideas

"A culture of sustainability is one in which organizational members hold shared assumptions and beliefs about the importance of balancing economic efficiency, social equity and environmental accountability. Organizations with strong cultures of sustainability strive to support a healthy environment and improve the lives of others while continuing to operate successfully over the long term."  (Dr  S Bertels, L Papania and D Papania, Simon Fraser University)

  • Seven guiding principles for sustainability leaders: (i) Vision beyond conventional wisdom. (ii) Take charge courageously. (iii) Serve the organisation, not your ego. (iv) Discover your potential. (v) Know yourself, control yourself. (vi) Build relationships, don't just rely on the top team. (vii) Tell the story, develop a value proposition. 

Take Action

  1. Sustainability Education and Research
  2. Water Sustainability
  3. Energy Sustainability
  4. Sustainable Waste Management
  5. Biodiversity
  6. Sustainable Travel
  7. Organisational Sustainability
  8. Sustainable Procurement

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Seven guiding principles for sustainability leaders

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