Sustainable Procurement

In line with its Environmental Sustainability Policy, Rhodes University strives to promote opportunities for sustainable procurement by purchasing products and contracting services that will assist in reducing the University’s environmental impact.

Sustainable Purchasing Ideas

  • Story of Stuff: fact-filled 20-minute video on the links between our production and consumption patterns.

  • Rich-and-famous Lifestyles: the links between lifestyles and environmental sustainability concerns.

  • Healthy happy chickens: Free range chicken and egg farming.

  • Printing wise: Switch to a lower carbon font such as Century Gothic or Calibri for all printed documents and emails.

  • Wise buying: Tips for more sustainable purchasing.

  • Paper: Tips for low impact paper products.

  • Cleaning: Tips for low impact cleaning products.

Take Action

Go to the Rhodes University ENVIRONMENT front page. Suggestions/Questions? Contact environment(at)

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