Paper wise

In line with Rhodes University's Environmental Policy, a purchasing policy that is sensitive to environmental concerns has been adopted. The Printing Services Unit uses paper suppliers (Mondi/Sappi) that are Forest Stewardship Council certified (FSC). By using sustainable forestry projects for paper supplies, old-growth forest ecosystems are protected.

Wise use of paper is also promoted at Rhodes University. For example, the Printing Services Unit re-uses printer paper to make 'note pads' for use in offices on campus.

The RU IT Division has created a user-friendly online RU internal directory directory with handy quick search capabilities, available in both HTML and PDF formats. A small number of printed internal telephone directories are still available for emergency purposes (e.g. power failures) and for staff who have limited access to computers.

The IT Division is also gradually replacing old printers with 'greener' equipment, e.g. double-sided printing and power-saving capabilities.

Get involved in the ACTION:

  • Use the Online RU Phonebook
  • Print double-sided: Change your computer settings to automatically print double-sided.
  • Online teaching materials: Academic and teaching staff are also strongly encouraged to make course handouts available electronically, instead of distributing large amounts of printed materials to students.
  • Re-use paper on the unprinted side (1-sided paper) for draft printing, notes and rough sketches.
  • Paper recycling: support efforts on campus and in the wider community.

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