Sustainable Travel

In line with its Environmental Sustainability Policy, Rhodes University strives to promote opportunities for sustainable travel, including efficient public and communal transport, cycling and walking, in order to minimise greenhouse gas emissions and reduce traffic and parking congestion on campus.

Rhodes University has a student-run car-sharing organisation, RydeAlong. Staff and students are encouraged to share transport wherever practicable. Benefits include spending less money on travel, fewer parking hassles, less congestion on the roads, and a much cleaner environment.

Sustainable Travel Ideas

  • Car Sharing - RU has its very own student-run organisation
  • Cycling - a great way to stay fit and healthy, and reduce pressure on parking spaces.
  • Car Sharing
  • Public Transport
  • Walking

Car Share Contacts

Listed in alphabetical order:

Take Action

Go to the Rhodes University ENVIRONMENT front page. Suggestions/Questions? Contact environment(at)

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