The two bag system

The management of recyclable materials should be guided by national legislation and local policies, as well as a user-friendly system.

  • Makana Integrated Waste Management Plan‌: established in 2008.

  • 2-bag system: established in March 2009 by Makana Dept of Environmental Health & Cleansing - Assistant Director (tel 046 603 6141, fax 046 622 9488, email JohanneEsterhuizen(at) 

CLEAR BAGS (or ORANGE) - recyclable materials - paper/cardglassplasticmetals

BLACK BAGS (BLUE at RU) - disposable waste 

Waste management at Rhodes University

How the 2-bag system should work 

The Municipal truck collects recycling bags together with black bags. The recycling sorters retrieve the clear plastic bags filled with recyclable materials and sort through the bags for paper/cardglassplasticmetals, and sell these items by weight to local recycling companies. 

More info: Assistant Director: Environmental Health & Cleansing, Makana Municipality: tel 046 603 6141, fax 046 622 9488, email JohanneEsterhuizen(at)


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