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Grahamstown is currently a WATER DISASTER area - PLEASE use water RESPONSIBLY and SPARINGLY!

Makana Water Restrictions  (2018):

  • Everyone urged to only use 60 litres per day (reduced from 100 litres), 

  • No hosepipes, No watering gardens (unless water from non-municipal sources), 

  • Building Contractors must use raw water (collected from Grey Dam or Dog's Dam), 

  • borehole users must register with DWS, 

  • No automatic urinal flushing, 

  • Car washes to recycle 60% of water

  • AND stepped tariffs to be introduced without delay (roughly a 15% increase on water rates).

Waterwise Posters 2018

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Rhodes Water Use

In line with the RU Environmental Sustainability Policy, the university strives to promote opportunities, initiatives and measures that result in efficient management of the university’s water resources, reduced use of mains water, and reduced pollution entering watercourses via storm water drains and sewers, in order to minimise the university’s water footprint and improve the sustainability of increasingly scarce water resources.

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