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Patrice Mwepu

<h3.MA (Lubumbashi), PhD (UCT)

Prof Patrice Kabeya Mwepu is the Head of the School of Languages & Literatures.  He holds a PhD in French Language and Literature and has experience in teaching and researching on the language. He is the Deputy-Editor of French Studies in Southern Africa (the only accredited journal for French Studies in Africa). He is a member of Editorial Board of Écritures Plurielles (an International academic journal published by the Université Cheik Anta Diop. He seats in the Scientific Committee of Les annales de l’Université de Mbuji-Mayi. He has reviewed papers for  Equid Novi and French papers submitted to Tydskrif fur Letterkunde.

He is a member of several bodies, including the American Association of Teachers of French, French Studies in Southern Africa, International Federation of French Teachers, etc.

Research interest  

I am interested in French / Francophone Literature. My publications are mainly based in Francophone African Literature where I supervise theses on African writing in French.

Selected Publications


Mwepu, PK. 2011. Aspects formels dominants dans l’œuvre de Lopes. Saarbrücken. EUE. ISBN: 9786131574818.

Articles in Accredited Journals 

Mwepu, PK. 2015. "L’art et la guérison – Des impératifs éthiques dans Jardin secret de Julien Kilanga Musinde. " In Tydskrif vir Letterkunde. 52 (1). 201-216.

Mwepu, PK. 2015. "Entre vacuité et plénitude. Une lecture de Loin de mon père de Véronique Tadjo. " The French Review. 88 (4). 33-46.

Mwepu, PK. 2013. Culturalisme et réflexion existentialiste. Une lecture de Retour de manivelle de Julien Kilanga Musinde. In Tydskrif Vir Letterkunde. 50 (1). 97 – 111.

Mwepu, PK. 2013. ″Culturalism and Existentialist Thought – a reading of Julien Kilanga Musinde’s Retour de Manivelle. ″ In Tydskrif Vir Letterkunde. 50 (1). 185 – 199. (online edition).

Mwepu, PK. 2010. ″L’invitation au voyage. Du rejet de soi à l’universel. Une lecture de l’œuvre de Lopes″. in Lebdai, B et al (Eds.) Les littératures africaines. Écriture nomade et inscription de la trace. Éditions du Tell. ISBN : 978 996 177 355 0.

Mwepu, PK. 2009.″Deux hommes, deux voies. Une lecture des Filles du président et de L’Enfant de sable. ″ in Écritures Plurielles. Vol. 3. December 2009.

Mwepu, PK. 2008. « La femme et sa lutte de libération dans l’œuvre de Lopes », in Tydskrif Vir Letterkunde, Spring 2008 Vol 42. 161 – 172.

Mwepu, PK. 2007. “From self-Identity to Universality: A Reading of Henri Lopes’ Works”, in   Literator, Volume 28. No 3. 2007. 131 – 144.

Mwepu, PK. 2007. ″Le pacte romanesque. Leurre ou évidence ? Approche critique de l’œuvre de Lopes″, in French Studies in Southern Africa, No 37, 2007. 145 – 159.

Selected Paper



I have taught in several institutions, including Collège Saint-George, University of Cape Town, University of the Western Cape, etc. before joining Rhodes University in 2007.  My teaching is based mainly in:

  • French / Francophone  Literature : Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels;
  • French Translation (Thème): Undergranduate and Postgraduate levels;
  • French & Francophone Cultures: Undergraduate level;
  • French for Tourism.


Tel: + 27 46 603 82 22 &  + 27 46 603 82 98

E-mail: p.mwepu@ru.ac.za

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