Completed and Ongoing Postgraduate Research Projects in German Studies 2008-2018

Ongoing Research:

Neilson, Christopher (start: 2022) (MA

Stretch, Stephanie (start: 2020) (MA)




Engelbrecht, Natasha (under examination) (PhDEstablishing Principles for the Re-Conceptualising of Teaching Materials for German Foreign Language Courses in Higher Education in Southern Africa: Transforming Teaching and Learning Practices. (Supervisor: Dr U.S. Weber)

Schafli, Sasha-Lee (2020) (MA): Pedagogic Videos as a Foreign Language Learning Resource in Textbooks used in the German Studies Section of a South African University: A Digital Multimodal Discourse Perspective. (Supervisor: Dr U.S. Weber)

Ortner, Gwyndolen J. (2020) (PhD): Using Blended Learning and Corpora as Tools to aid the Transformation of Teaching and Learning of German as a Foreign Language: Action Research Conducted at Rhodes University. (Supervisor: Dr U.S. Weber)

Weber, Undine S. (2014/15) (PhD) Wolfgang Koeppens Auseinandersetzung mit der Tradition: Aspekte der Intertextualität in der so genannten Nachkriegs-Trilogie. (Supervisors: T. Martin & G. Pakendorf)



Collins, Morgan G. (2016-2017) (MA, distinction): Developing internal intercultural communication skills in the German Studies classroom at Rhodes University: an action research approach. (Supervisors: Dr U.S. Weber & J. Reynolds)

Ortner, Gwyndolen J. (2014-2015) (MA, distinction): A Corpus-Based Approach to Writing in German as a Foreign Language in the South African Tertiary Context. (Supervisors: U.S. Weber & S. Jaworska)

Thabane, Mathaabe D. (2013-2015) (MA, distinction): Kafka in Translation: A Comparative Analysis of Selected German-English Translations of Franz Kafka’s Das Urteil (The Judgment) and Die Verwandlung (The Metamorphosis). (Supervisors: R.S.C. Domingo & U.S. Weber)

Zipp, Gisela L. (2011-2013) (MA, distinction): A History of German Settlers in the Eastern Cape 1857 - 1919. (Supervisor: U.S. Weber)

French, Rebecca S.C. (2007-2008) (MA): The devil in disguise – a comparative study of Thomas Mann's Doktor Faustus (1947) and Klaus Mann's Mephisto (1936), focussing on the role of art as an allegory of the rise and fall of Nazi Germany. (Supervisor: U.S. Weber)

Williams, Alison (2007-2008) (MA): The evolving image of the German Democratic Republic as reflected in the works of Jurek Becker and Christa Wolf. (Supervisor: U.S. Weber)



Engelbrecht, Natasha (2016-2017) (Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education, distinction): My Curriculum – My Madagascar. (Supervisor: M. Skead, CHERTL)


BA (Hons):

Neilson, Christopher John (2021) (BAH): “The Mask Comes Off: a Close Reading of Two Passages from Klaus Mann’s Mephisto. How is theatre used to both cultivate and devalue ‘Germanness’?” (Supervisor: U.S. Weber)

Fourie, Emma (2020) (BAH): “Teaching Modal Particles to intermediate German Foreign Language Learners at a South African University.” (Supervisor: N. Engelbrecht)

Damji, Amira (2019) (BAH): “Under the Lens of Photography: Holocaust Memories in the making.” (Supervisor: N. Engelbrecht)

Schafli, Sasha-Lee (2018) (BAH, distinction): "The Use of Stereotypes within South African Television Car Advertising using the German Language: A Social Semiotic Approach" (Supervisor: Dr U.S. Weber)

Narshai, Kirani (2016) (BAH): “The Translator’s task in the Domestication and Foreignisation of Poems by Yang Lian and Paul Celan.” (Supervisor: N. Engelbrecht)

Moses, Sharon R. (2016) (BAH): “Interlingual Subtitling and Equivalence in Audio-Visual Media: Translating Culture and Humour in Bora Dagtekin’s Fack ju Göhte and Wolfgang Becker’s Good Bye, Lenin!” (Supervisor: N. Engelbrecht)

Thompson, Kelsey (2015) (BAH): “Socio-historical Influences in Translations and Re-Workings of the Brothers’ Grimm Fairy Tales.” (Supervisor: N. Engelbrecht)

Collins, Morgan G. (2014) (BAH, distinction): “Teaching Intercultural Competency and the Importance of Context: the Business Example.” (Supervisor: R.S.C. Domingo)

Stretch, Stephanie (2014) (BAH, distinction): “From Dürrenmatt to Neuhaus: What draws the German (speaking) audiences to crime stories? A socio-historical analysis.” (Supervisor: U.S. Weber)

Ortner, Gwyndolen J. (2013) (BAH, distinction): “A pilot study for the proposed Masters Dissertation, 2014. Examining the formal writing skills of German Studies 3 students, using corpus linguistics, to uncover common lexical and morphosyntactic errors in student writing.” (Supervisor: U.S. Weber)

Thabane, Mathaabe D. (2012) (BAH, distinction): “The History and Development of Translation Studies: A study of the emergent sub-fields of Commercial Translation, Machine Translation, Human-Aided Machine Translation, and their impact on Human Translation.” (Supervisor: R.S.C. Domingo)

Nel, Nicole (2011) (BAH, distinction):  “Guilt, Shame and Forgiveness after World War II: Reflections on Bernhard Schlink’s Der Vorleser and Simon Wiesenthal’s The Sunflower.” (Supervisor: U.S. Weber)

Siegelaar, Carmen (2010) (BAH): “The Jewish Diaspora in Berlin: how Jewish identity and culture has been influenced by constructs of the memory of the Holocaust („Shoa Gedenken”) in and around Berlin in recent times.” (Supervisor: U.S. Weber)

Zipp, Gisela L. (2010) (BAH, distinction): “Linguistic and Cultural Challenges Inherent to German-to-English Literary Translation.” (Supervisor: R.S.C. Domingo)

Grogan, Patrick (2009) (BAH, distinction): “Russlanddeutsche in Germany: Integration and Identity.” (Supervisor: U.S. Weber)

Dahl, Kerynn (2008) (BAH): “German resistance to the Nazi regime: The White Rose versus the Swastika.” (Supervisor: U.S. Weber)

Surridge, Trevor (2008) (BAH): “German Prisoners of War in the Soviet Union and their Return 1941 to 1956.” (Supervisor:  U.S. Weber)

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