Professor Mohapeloa receives esteemed award for educational leadership

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Several Rhodes University students and staff, including Professors Tshidi Mohapeloa and 'Mabokang Monnapula-Mapesela, attended the EDHE Intervarsity Studentpreneur finals in Johannesburg
Several Rhodes University students and staff, including Professors Tshidi Mohapeloa and 'Mabokang Monnapula-Mapesela, attended the EDHE Intervarsity Studentpreneur finals in Johannesburg

By: The Division of Communications & Advancement


In academia, it is not every day that we witness a blend of exceptional leadership, unyielding commitment, and a deep-rooted passion for education. However, Professor Tshidi Mohapeloa, from the Rhodes Business School exemplifies these traits so steadfastly, she earned a prestigious award for her unwavering service as the Deputy Chairperson of the Entrepreneurship Development in Higher Education (EDHE) Community of Practice for Teaching and Learning. This accolade was presented to her at the EDHE Intervarsity Studentpreneur finals in Johannesburg late last year.

Prof Mohapeloa’s journey in academia is marked by a series of noteworthy accomplishments. Her extensive experience in business education and her proactive approach to teaching have been pivotal in shaping the future of many aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders. As the Deputy Chairperson of the EDHE Community of Practice for Teaching and Learning, she has played an instrumental role in fostering an environment where ideas flourish, and educational boundaries are expanded.

The EDHE programme, initiated under the auspices of Universities South Africa (USAf), aims to instil a culture of entrepreneurial thinking among university students across South Africa. Prof Mohapeloa’s leadership in this programme has been nothing short of transformative. Her efforts have significantly contributed to the development of an entrepreneurial mindset among students, equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate the dynamic world of business.

One of Prof Mohapeloa’s most commendable achievements is her ability to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. She has consistently advocated for a hands-on approach to learning, ensuring that students are not only well-versed in academic theory but are also adept at applying these concepts in real-world scenarios. This holistic approach to education is a cornerstone of the EDHE’s philosophy and a reflection of Prof Mohapeloa’s educational ethos.

Her colleagues and students alike admire Prof Mohapeloa for her visionary leadership and unwavering commitment to excellence in education. She is known for her collaborative spirit, often working closely with fellow educators and industry experts to create a rich learning environment. This collaborative approach has been instrumental in developing innovative teaching methodologies and curricula that resonate with the evolving needs of the business world.

Moreover, Prof Mohapeloa’s work extends beyond Rhodes University. She has been an active participant in national and international forums, advocating for higher education reforms and the integration of entrepreneurial thinking into academic curricula. Her voice has been influential in shaping policies and practices that aim to enhance the quality and relevance of higher education in South Africa and beyond.

"I was invited by the EDHE to attend these finals and I must say it was an experience of a lifetime. All the studentpreneurs had amazing businesses to present. Our universities have a lot of talent that needs to be nurtured," commented Prof 'Mabokang Monnapula Mapesela, Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Academic and Student Affairs at Rhodes University, underscoring the positive impact of the programme on the student body.

This award, therefore, is a recognition of Prof Mohapeloa’s tireless efforts and her significant contributions to the field of education. It is a celebration of her exemplary leadership, her dedication to nurturing future leaders, and her unwavering commitment to the advancement of teaching and learning practices. Prof Mohapeloa’s work has not only impacted the students and faculty at Rhodes University but has also left an indelible mark on the broader educational landscape.

Prof Tshidi Mohapeloa’s receipt of this award is a moment of pride and joy for Rhodes University and the entire academic community. It serves as a reminder of the powerful impact educators can have in shaping the minds and futures of young individuals. As she continues to lead, inspire, and innovate, Prof Mohapeloa sets a sterling example for educators around the globe.