Filling in the reply card

Degree/Diploma/Certificate to be conferred/awarded: please use the coding that appears in the University Calendars: e.g. BCom, MMS, PhD (Education), et cetera.                        

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You will be attending

Fill in ALL sections except section 2


Section 1

Guest tickets:

Each Graduand/Diplomand in praesentia (attending) is automatically allocated a seat and is entitled to two guest tickets for the auditorium. Recipients of a Masters degree or an LLB are entitled to three auditorium tickets and Doctoral graduands, four.


There are also a limited number of TV Hall tickets available, which entitle holders to view proceedings in Thomas Pringle Hall on closed-circuit television. Normally no more than two TV Hall tickets can be given to a Graduand /Diplomand and it is recommended that students check the allocation of the TV Hall tickets before booking flights, etc. for any additional guests.


Children under the age of 15 years will not be allowed entrance to the auditorium. They may watch the ceremony on closed-circuit television in Thomas Pringle Hall, but must be accompanied by an adult.


Garden Party tickets are issued to Graduand/Diplomand & up to 6 guests.



You will NOT be attending

Fill in ALL sections except section 1


Section 2

Receipt of parchments:

Graduands/Diplomands who will not be attending the ceremony must inform the University of their non-attendance by returning the colour coded reply card to the Student Bureau.


They may then make arrangements for receipt of their degree/diploma parchments and are referred to the form titled “Receiving Degree/Diploma Parchment if Not Attending Graduation” for further details.


Please note that parchments will only be released or sent to their recipients after the graduation weekend, i.e. from Monday, 8 April 2013. 


Parchments sent to recipients may only be sent by courier (for security reasons) and not by registered or secure mail.  Payment of a courier fee is required –details are on the above-named form.


Parents/guardians may receive the parchment at their physical address on behalf of students – details to be provided on the above-named form.


NO degree parchments will be sent without written instruction from the student and payment of the courier fee. 


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