How should I return the reply card?

It is in your own interest to return the reply card as soon as possible. You may return it by fax as we will be able to tell the colour of the card by the degree with which you are graduating.  Please bear in mind that dark coloured cards may need to be lightened so as to ensure that the image is legible when received.  Alternatively you may also submit your reply card by e-mailing a scanned copy or posting the original card, in which case it is recommended that registered mail be used.  In fact, registered mail should be used to return this or any other mail addressed to the Student Bureau or the Conference Manager. The University will not be held responsible for cheques/postal orders posted by ordinary mail or sent through the University’s Internal Mail. 


Our postal address is:                                     

Student Bureau                                              fax number:       +27 (0)46 6038300

Rhodes University                                          telephone:          +27 (0)46 6038276  

P O Box 94                                                     e-mail address:

6140  Grahamstown

The onus is on you to confirm that we have received your reply card, but kindly only do so after Friday, 28 February 2014, once we have added the details to our database.  Should you submit your reply card (via email or fax) after that date, allow a 24 hour period before confirming receipt.  Due to the large volume of queries, we would prefer that you e-mail your request for confirmation to

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