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Rhodes Graduands and Diplomands traditionally wear:

Men                                                    Women

Dark suit                                             Long sleeve white or black dress
White shirt                                          Or white blouse and black skirt
Black tie                                              Or white blouse and black trousers   
Black socks                                         Stockings to match
Black shoes                                         With white or black shoes

Jewellery should not be worn by Graduands/Diplomands, with the exception of wedding, engagement and signet or similar rings. The University is aware of the many cultures and traditions inherent in its student body. Graduands/Diplomands are welcome to wear garments which reflect those cultures and traditions.  By custom, Graduands and Diplomands at Rhodes University do not wear mortar boards at the Graduation ceremony. Extravagant or fancy hair styles for men or women are out of keeping with the dignity of the Graduation ceremony.

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