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Where do I purchase/hire academic dress? (Form included seperately)

Messrs T. Birch & Co. (Pty) Ltd (Birch’s) - PO Box 66, Grahamstown, 6140, is the preferred service provider for Rhodes academic dress.  They maintain a rental and purchase stock of Graduate gowns and hoods.  Please use the Birch’s order form included in your graduation pack for your convenience and deal directly with the shop. Queries can be directed to rhodes@birchs.co.za or telephone: +27 (0)46 622 7010 or +27 (0)46 620 2509 or fax: +27 (0)46 622 5091.  The University is not involved in these transactions and accepts no responsibility for any mishaps.

Download Birch's Order form here: Birchs Order Form

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