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Degree Framing and Lamination of Parchments (not recommended)

Degree framing

At the annual Graduation Ceremonies, a professional degree framer is available to frame your degree/diploma parchment. It is advisable to do this, to prevent possible damage to the parchment. The University is not involved in this transaction and accepts no responsibility for any mishaps.


Lamination of parchments – NOT advised

In recent years Graduands/Diplomands have opted to have their parchments laminated. It is important to realise that the parchments currently issued contain a number of safety features that would be compromised should the parchment be laminated.  Graduands/Diplomands are thus strongly advised NOT TO LAMINATE their parchments as these will compromise security features.  Replacement parchments will be at a cost as per the University fees booklet.

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