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Hall Rules and Constitution

The below booklets explain the structure and functioning of the Hall, and contains valuable information which will assist you in settling in Hilltop Hall.  Please ensure that you read it through thoroughly as students are expected to be au fait with the rules of the Hall and University.

Hall Rules:

All students are required to conform to the rules and regulations of Rhodes University as published in the student disciplinary code, in the university calendar, and the Hilltop Hall Rules. The Hilltop Hall Rules and Regulations are additional to those set out in the Student Disciplinary Code.

A breach of any of these rules will be regarded as a disciplinary offence which may result in a disciplinary penalty being imposed. These rules are applicable to all residences in Hilltop Hall.

The Hilltop Hall Rules may be downloaded here: Hilltop Hall Rules 2021

The Student Discipline Code may be downloaded here:  Student Disciplinary Code

Hall Constitution:

Subject always to the authority of the Council of the University and the power of the Senate to superintend and regulate the administration of the residences and discipline of the students, the following constitution has been duly approved for the administration of Hilltop Hall.

The Hilltop Hall Constitution may be downloaded here:  Hilltop Hall Constitution 2021

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