The Department and Plagiarism

Informing Students

  • The department provides guidelines on plagiarism in this Handbook. Students are made aware of the university's policy.
  • Students are given clear guidelines on how sources should be used and cited.
  • Students sign a plagiarism declaration (on the essay cover sheet) indicating that they are aware of what constitutes plagiarism.

The Department's Stand

  • Within the departmentplagiarism is a totally unacceptable practice, and is punished severely.
  • Every year a substantial number of History students lose their DPs because of plagiarism.
  • The onus is on you to make sure you have a clear understanding of what plagiarism is, and ignorance will not be considered a suitable defence.

What Happens if Students are Caught Plagiarising?

  • If you plagiarise it is most likely that you will be found out. Essay markers will be on a constant alert for plagiarised work.
  • 'Model' answers devised by a group and shared by members of the group, whether in assignments or exams, will also be heavily penalised.
  • Copying another student's essay, or lifting material from a book, or an article, or downloading from the Internet without acknowledgement will result in your DP being withdrawn.
  • If your DP isremoved because of plagiarismyour student transcript will indicate DPRP (DP refused for plagiarism) and a note will appear on your permanent student transcript that it was removed for plagiarism. Therefore potential future employers who see this transcript will note that you have a record of dishonesty.
  • A list of students who have plagiarised will be kept in the department and will be available to other departments.
  • The matter will also be taken further with the relevant university authorities and students may be rusticated from the university.

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