Course Description

Cuito Carnivale Students who enrol for the post-graduate course in Cold War Studies will be exposed to a range of interesting topics and themes. The seminars are interested in questions such as:

  • What are Cold War Studies?
  • What are the Origins of the Cold War?
  • Why did the Cold War end?

It also offers an opportunity to understand and critically appraise the effects on human society of a prolonged 'standoff' between the Great Powers in the post-war world. But it will also examine society at the margins. Local topics such as the impact of the Cold War on life in South Africa and in the southern African region will be explored. More thematic topics in the Role of Intellectuals, Media, Public Policy and Discourse will also be explored.

The multidisciplinary nature of Cold War Studies provides an opportunity to hone skills across a number of areas and interests including Politics, International Relations, History, Cultural Studies and Economics.

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