Seminars 2008

Seminar 1: 27 February
Tapiwa B. Zimudzi, University of Zimbabwe: "The National Sport of the Natives": African Women, European Settler Stereotypes of African Sexuality and Rape Law in Colonial Zimbabwe, 1898-1952

Seminar 2: 12 March
Craig Paterson: Prohibition and Resistance: The Changing Dynamics of the Cannabis Trade in Southern Africa

Seminar 3: April 9
Kylie van Zyl: Perceptions of and Reactions to Polio and Cholera in the Eastern Cape, 1948 - 1994

Seminar 4: April 23
Richard Marshall: "A vigorous and humane policy"? Crime and Punishment in Colonial Grahamstown.

Seminar 5: 19 May
Prof Hugh Macmillan: "Travels and Researches of W.M. Macmillan, 1911-32"

Seminar 6: 21 June
Luise White: Heading for the Gun: Skills and Sophistication in an African Guerilla War

Seminar 7: 6 August
Dominique Schafer: Under the Guise of Security: a personal account of human rights abuses occurring on the West Bank under the Israeli occupation

Seminar 8: 20 August
Jai Clifford Holmes: Going beyond ‘green’: examples of local economy in East Coast USA

Seminar 9: 27 August
Felicity Sibindi: Civil Society and NGOs Working in Crisis: CCJP and Amani Trust in the Zimbabwean Crisis. A Case Study of Matabeleland, 1980-2008

Robert Jacot-Guillarmod: Environmental justice in a South African context: an exploration of the Makana Municipality's environmental record

Seminar 10: 3 September
Undine Weber: Black Men and White Women - American GIs and German Fräuleins in 1950s West Germany

Seminar 11: 1st October
Craig Paterson: Living with `baser types´: Framing White South Africa´s Responses to the cannabis plant, 1880-1952

Seminar 12: 15 October
Felicity Sibindi: The Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) 1972 -1992

Seminar 13: 22 October
Laura Evans: Forced relocation in the Lukhanji district and some thoughts on "the land issue" in South Africa

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