Seminars 2010

Thursday 24 Feb
Dr Jan-Georg Deuthsch (University of Oxford, UK)
"The Empire at War, 1914-18: comparative perspectives from India and South Africa"

Thursday 18 March
Jonathan Lawley (author)
Beyond the Malachite Hills. Jonathan Lawley spent many years in the colonial service in Central Africa. His book offers sharp insights into the colonial and post-colonial history of the region with a special emphasis on Zimbabwe.

Thursday 25 March
Richard Pithouse
"In the forbidden zone: shacks and shack-dwellers in Durban till the end of apartheid"

Wednesday 21 April
Jako Bezuidenhout: Beauty on duty: a look at the ATS during World War II
Roza Carvalho: The influenza epidemic of 1918-1919 in South Africa: constructions of the disease in medical discourse
Lindsay Wills: An interrogation of the paradigm of suffering

Thursday 22 April
Byron McFadden: The politics of football (with a focus on the 2010 World Cup)

Thursday 29 April
Sipho McDermott-Kings: Afghanistan: unconquerable and ungovernable
Mgcini Ndlovu: Not in a Thousand years: Rhodesia's unsustainable economic growth under UDI, 1965-80
Garrett Eriksen: Forged in battle: Cuito Cuanavale SADF veterans

Thursday 13 May
Theresa Edlmann: The Highgate Massacre as a Case Study of Transitional Justice: Transition to What? Justice for Whom?

Thursday 20 May
Rupert Lancaster: Grahamstown since the 1940s

Thursday 27 May
Simone Kerseboom: Grandmother-Martyr-Heroine: Placing Sarah Baartman in South African post-apartheid foundational mythology

Thursday 5 August
Ashley Westaway: Life after death: suggestions on how to resuscitate the practice of history in post-1994 South Africa

Thursday 19 August
Theresa Edlmann:
"Militarism and Masculinities: Reflections on the Legacies of SADF Conscripts' Experiences"

Thursday 16 September
Professor Paul Maylam: South Africa's forgotten centenary: watersheds, missed opportunities, and failed governance, 1910-20

Thursday 23 September
Professor Gary Baines: Vietnam analogies and metaphors with respect to southern Africa’s armed conflicts

Thursday 30 September
Ms Yang Hongbo (Jinan University, Guangzhou): Western missionaries in China

Thursday 7 October
Carla Tsampiras: 'AIDS will kill you as surely as an AK': AIDS and the ANC in Exile, 1980 - 1990

Thursday 14 October
Honours presentations: Mgcini Ndlovu; Nicholas Luksich; Kevin Aitchison

Thursday 21 October
Honours presentations: Roza Carvalho; Lindsay Wills; Sipho McDermott-Kings

Thursday 28 October
Honours presentations: Jako Bezuidenhout; Garrett Eriksen; Byron McFadden

Thursday 4 November
Dr Jonas Sjolander: International trade union solidarity and the struggle against apartheid. The case of Swedish multinationals and trade unions in Sweden and South Africa

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