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Additional Information

Pocket Money Fund:

The Annual Fund Pocket Money Fund assists financially needy students, who despite receiving financial aid, have no money left after paying tuition fees and living expenses for necessities such as toiletries. The fund supplies students with R275 pocket money per month for 10 months of the year.

Campus Protection Unit:

The Campus Protection Unit (CPU), which operates from Rhodes Avenue adjacent to Hobson House, is committed to protecting the safety of the Rhodes community and its property. Every person on campus is encouraged to exercise caution and common sense with regard to security of persons and property.

Housekeeping and Maintenance:

For any issues that require the attention of the housekeeping staff and maintenance; please record a detailed requisition (problem, student name, room/unit number and date) in the relevant book in your Residence. Alternatively please contact the Residence Sub-Warden or send a detailed email to the Hobson Hall Administrator (hobsonhall@ru.ac.za). 

Counselling Centre Services:

The Counselling Centre is situated on the top floor of the Bantu Stephen Biko Building in Prince Alfred Street, next to the swimming pool. The staff are qualified Counselling Psychologists and Intern Counselling Psychologists who work from a variety of theoretical approaches. The Counselling Centre is open daily from 08:00 - 17:00. 

Services offered to students:

  • Students can book one on one appointments to see psychologists to discuss whatever emotional problems they are facing.
  • In case of a psychological emergency students do not have to book an appointment, they can walk-in to see the on-call psychologist.
  • Students can also join a study skills group on Mondays and Fridays weekly at 13:00.
  • A stress management workshop is offered weekly on a Wednesday at 13:00.
  • We also have an Art Therapy group which runs every week on Wednesdays at 15:00.
  • The Counselling Centre can also provide Residence talks on Study Skills and Exam Prep; on request by the students
  • In case of a crisis afterhours, there is always a psychologist available. You can contact our crisis line @ 082 803 0177 to speak to the psychologist on duty.
Health Care Centre:

The Health Care Centre is located along Rhodes Avenue, above CPU. Nursing staff in the Health Care Centre are on duty throughout term time to provide a professional and caring service to students at Rhodes. There are several services available at the Health Care Centre for all students.


During Term Time:          

Monday to Friday: 

08:00 – 17:00

Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays

08:00 – 13:00

During University Vacations (weekdays)

09:30 - 12:30

ER24 (Crisis Number)

010 205 3068

Health Care Centre

046 603 8523 and email: healthcarecentre@ru.ac.za

Any illness or injury must be reported to the Warden. If you are admitted to the Health Care Centre or the Hospital please make sure that the Warden, Hall Warden and/or Administrator is informed.

No ill student may stay in Residence for longer than 24 hours without seeing the Health Care sister.

Dinning Hall Meals:

All meals are served in the Dinning Hall. Rhodes University uses a computerized Meal Booking System that allows students to select their preferred meal choice.



Monday – Friday

 07h00 – 08h15


 Saturday & Sunday

 08h00 – 09h15



12h00 – 14h00


Daily 17h00 – 18h30

 The meal times are subject to change during Swot-Week and the Examination Periods.

Emergency Contact Details:

The back of your student card has the Campus Protection Emergency number written on it. Please be sure to request the most updated list of emergency numbers and general information booklet from STUDENT BUREAU on registering. In the event of an emergency, please contact one of the below:



Student Bureau

046 603 8276

Hobson Hall Housekeeper

046 603 8486 / #5240

Hobson Hall Kitchen

046 603 8478

Campus Protection Unit (CPU)

046 603 8146 / 8147

Counselling Centre

046 603 7070

Electrical Services

Call Campus Protection Unit (CPU)


Call Campus Protection Unit (CPU)

ER24 (Crisis Number)

010 205 3068

Health Care Centre

046 603 8523

Fire Brigade/Department

046 622 2923


046 603 9152 / 9146 / 9147 (After hours phone CPU)

Settlers Hospital Ambulance

046 622 9102

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