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Hobson Hall Rules 2017

The purpose of this booklet is:

  • to provide general information about Hobson Hall and its residences, and;

  • to set out the rules applicable to Hobson Hall (known as the Hobson Hall Rules),

  • to provide a copy of the Constitution of the Hall;


NB:  All students residing in Hobson Hall and their guests are required to conform to the rules of Rhodes University as published in the Student Disciplinary Code (SDC), in the University Calendar, and the Hobson Hall Rules.

Some of these rules are ADDITIONAL to those set out in the Student Disciplinary Code. A breach of any of these rules will be regarded as a disciplinary offence which may result in a disciplinary penalty being imposed. These rules are applicable to all residences in the hall.

NB:  All students are required to familiarize themselves and conform to the rules of Hobson Hall and the University as published in the student disciplinary code in the University calendar and the Hobson Hall Rules in this Booklet.



Hobson Hall consists of four women’s residences – Dingemans House (76 Students), Hobson House (75 Students), Livingstone House (36 Students), Milner House (62 Students), 5 Gilbert Street (5 Students), 6 Gilbert Street (3 Students) and the Gilbert Street Post Graduate Annex (8 Students).


The Hall Warden is the chief executive, administrative and disciplinary officer of the Hall. The Hall Committee, which comprises of the Hall and House Wardens, the Hall Senior Student, the Heads of Houses, the Sub-Wardens, the Student Representative Council Representative and the Fellows of the Hall.


Each House Warden is responsible to the Hall Warden for the welfare and discipline of students in her house and for the maintenance of the fabric of her house and its moveable assets.

The House Committee is elected by the Students at the end of each year in accordance with the Hall Constitution. The members of the House Committee act as an advisory committee to the House Warden.



If you are leaving the residence or your personal address has changed, please inform the Hall Administrator at the soonest.



All deliveries should be sent to the Hall Administrator, the Kitchen or to the House Warden if the kitchen is closed.



All suggestions for change are welcome. If you have any ideas that you feel should be implemented in the Residence, please notify your House Warden, Head Student or SRC Representative. They will table this at the Hall Committee Meetings for discussion and recommendations. The procedure to follow for any grievances: If any student has a grievance with regards to their Residence, they are encouraged to contact their House Warden, Head Student or SRC Representative. They will table this at the Hall Committee meetings (held termly) for discussion.

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