Hall Fellows

Hall Fellows shall be appointed by the Senate of the University who shall be nominated by the Hall Committee. They shall serve for a period of five years.  The Hall Fellows assist in the following way:

  • Serve as role models for the personal and academic growth and integration of the student members of the Hall;
  • act as advisors and mentors to the members of the Hall;
  • act as external advisors to the Hall Warden;
  • where possible, champion the Hall’s needs to the relevant University authorities;
  • be invited to actively participate in Hall academic, cultural and social activities;
  • enjoy limited dining rights as a member of the Hall for the duration of his/her office;
  • serve as members of the Hall Committee;

The Hugh Masekela Hall Fellows are:

  • Prof Tony Booth - Dean of Science,
  • Mrs Diana Hornby - Director in Community Engagement Department,
  • Mrs Corinne Knowles - Lecturer in the Extended Studies Unit of CHERTL
  • Mr Amon Magadza - Co-Ordinator of Computer Literacy in Chertyl – Extended Studies Department,


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