Wardening Team


House wardening is a part time role for all Wardens. Wardens usually have full time jobs during the business hours of the week. This is important to note as Wardens are only available in the residence during the weekends and evenings. This is why the hall has a Hall Administrator to assist during office hours and each house also has a team of Sub-Wardens and other house committee portfolios to assist the Warden in the smooth running of the residences.

 Acting Hugh Masekela Hall Warden & Hilltop 8 House Warden:  Miss Vuyowelthu Baneti

  • Tel:       046 603 8149 (w)
  • Tel:       046 603 7716 (h)
  • Cell:      081 379 9943
  • Email:   V.Baneti@ru.ac.za 

Hugh Masekela Hall Administrator:  Mrs Genean Catto

Calata House Warden:  Mr Charlie Mzimane

Sisulu House Warden:  Ms Buncwanekazi Mankantshu


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