General Information

The following section provides information about the organisational context of HKE 2. For information about the course content please see Academic syllabus.

HKE 201 and HKE 202 are the two semester credits for HKE II.

Class coordinator: S Zschernack (email:

Tutorial coordinator: TBA

Admission into HKE II

An aggregated pass mark for HKE I (minimum 50%) is a minimum requirement for admission to both HKE II.

Structure of HKE II

Term dates:
1. term: 14 Feb-01 April, 2. Term: 11 April-27 May, 3. Term: 25 July-09 Sept, 4. Term: 19 Sep-28 Oct.

Table 1: Module structure for HKE 2






HKE 201


Functional Anatomy – Trunk & Vertebral Column


Mon 14 Feb – Tue 08 Mar

(14 lectures)

Ergonomics - Workspace design

M Goebel

Wed 09 Mar – Fri 1 April

(13 lectures)



A Todd

Mon 11 April – Fri 27 May

(24 lectures)

HKE 202


Physiology: Muscle & Neural

C Christie

Mon 25 Jul – Fri 09 Sep

(27 lectures)


Human Information Processing: Human Senses

S Zschernack

Mon 19 Sep – Fri 28 Oct

(24 lectures)


Laboratory practicals

Weekly laboratory practicals will be held in association with the lectures and for general skills (seeTable 3). Students may be requested to hand in worksheets or write-ups for some practicals. Please consider the format guide for the writing of those documents.


Every second year student has to attend 75% of all tutorials each semester, which means that missing more than two tutorials per semester will result in that student's DP being revoked. Students may only miss a tutorial if they have filled out a leave of absence form, accompanied by a letter stating a valid reason for their absence, which is to be handed in to the secretary.

With regards to written work, each student will have between 2 and 3 tutorial assignments to hand in per term. The topics for each piece of work will be handed out to each student one week before it is due. All tutorial work must be handed in on the specified date, by 9 a.m. no later (usually a Monday). This work will count for marks.

Any complaints or problems that students may have with the tutorials, the work or the tutors should be brought to the attention of the tutorial coordinator, Ms J Kelly.

Supplementary Instruction

Supplementary instruction sessions are offered on request. Students are asked to identify and express the need for such sessions directly to the course or tutorial coordinators, or via the class representatives.

Timetable for HKE II

Please note that lecture terms in the first semester consist of six weeks per lecture term:

Mon 11.25 - 12.10 Lecture
Mon 14.00 - 17.00 Laboratory
Tues 7.45 - 8.30 Lecture
Wed 8.40 - 9.25 Lecture
Fri 10.30 - 11.15 Lecture

Table 3: Preliminary topics of laboratory in HKE II 


Please check notice boards in the department for updates and be prepared for practicals scheduled within the practical periods EVERY Monday except for public holidays).

Tests, assignments and examinations in HKE II

Each module’s lecturer will set tests and assignments to his/her discretion. The marks from these assignments will be averaged to produce a class mark for each module. The module class marks for the semester will, in conjunction with the tutorial mark, build the class record which contributes 30% to the total semester mark.

The HKE II examination at the end of each semester exists of two papers (each 3hrs) and together contribute 70% to the total semester mark (see Table 4).

Table 4: Mark composition of HKE 2


HKE 201

HKE 202

Class record


7.5 %

Functional Anatomy




Ergonomics Workspace Design


Human Information Processing







Paper 1 (3hrs): Functional Anatomy and Ergonomics


Paper 1 (3hrs): Physiology



Paper 2 (3hrs): Biomechanics


Paper 2 (3hrs): Human Information Processing




Pass criteria


Please note: Only students with a class mark of 40% or higher will be permitted to write the exams!

HKE II: In order to pass into the next year the overall final marks for both semester courses must aggregate to at least 50% (average year mark), with a sub-minimum of 40% required for each HKE 201 and HKE 202. Admission to second semester HKE 202 requires a sub-minimum of 40% in HKE 201.

Second year students are NOT considered for supplementary exams!

Students have to have obtained a pass for HKE II in order to be allowed into HKE III.

Prescribed books for HKE II

McArdle, W.D., Katch, F.I. and Katch, V.L. (2001). Exercise Physiology: Energy, Nutrition and Human Performance. 5th edition or latest edition. Lea & Febiger, Philadelphia. (ISBN 0-8121-0682-2).
Bridger, R.S. (2003). Introduction to Ergonomics. 2nd edition or latest edition, Taylor & Francis, London.
Hall, S.B. (2007). Basic Biomechanics. 5th Edition (or newer). Boston: McGraw-Hill International. ISBN 0-07-110666-9

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