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Information on Ergonomics Training Series

The Human Kinetics and Ergonomics Department has been offering short courses in Ergonomics since 2015. These short courses are aimed to equip a range of practitioners, who have to perform ergonomics activities during the course of their work, with the necessary ergonomics knowledge and skills. These practitioners may come from the fields of health and safety, occupational hygiene, occupational medicine, rehabilitation, engineering, just to name a few and work across a large range of sectors.

After 5 years of experience running the "Certificate in Ergonomics" short course, and with the recent promulgation of the Ergonomics Regulations, the HKE Department has embarked on reviewing its ergonomics training programme. We are pleased to announce that from 2021 we will be offering five stand-alone short courses that cover the principles of ergonomics in a variety of situations ranging from offices to various industries in the South African context. The contents covered in all 5 courses are aligned with the educational requirements set out by the Professional Affairs Board of the Ergonomics Society of South Africa at the Certified Ergonomics Associate level. 

Ergonomics Training Overview


2023 Ergonomic Short Course Dates


Course 1: Introduction to Ergonomics and Ergonomics Programmes

Course Duration: 8 weeks (April & May 2021).

Applications now open – please email Applications close 19 March 2021

The purpose of the course “Introduction to Ergonomics and Ergonomics Programmes” is two-fold. Firstly, to provide an introduction to the theoretical principles of Ergonomics (also referred to as “Human Factors”) and the systems approach to design for the human user, while keeping human capabilities and limitations in mind. Particular emphasis is placed on the practice of ergonomics in a Southern African context. Secondly, the course provides an overview of Ergonomics Programmes in relation to the recently promulgated Ergonomics Regulations. This course equips participants with vital knowledge in the theory of ergonomics and the code of conduct and to ensure that participants have a sound understanding of how to ensure that ergonomics programmes are successfully implemented and highlight some of the key barriers to success. This course is presented online.

Ergonomics Training Course 1


Course 2: Level 1 Assessment - Ergonomics Risk Assessment and Controls.

Course Duration: 3 weeks (July 2021).

The primary purpose of the course “Level 1 Assessment - Ergonomics Risk Assessment and Controls” is to provide an introduction to the nature of Ergonomics Risk Assessment. Particular emphasis is placed on the risk assessment cycle, as well as assessing the work system and identifying potential problems at a primary level. Furthermore, this course provides an overview of ergonomics controls in relation to the administration of said controls and the hierarchy of controls. This course structure has a blended learning approach with both online and face-to-face elements. The online components focus on the theoretical background, while face-to-face elements aim to equip participants with practical opportunities, providing a platform for experiential learning.

Ergonomics Assessments and Controls (Level 1)


Course 3: Level 2 Assessment - Assessment of Physical Work.

Course Duration: 4 weeks (September 2021).

More information to follow


Course 4: Level 2 Assessment - Assessment of Cognitive Work.

Course Duration: 4 weeks (November 2021).

More information to follow


Course 5: Ergonomics Projects.

Participants who intend to register with the Professional Affairs Board as a Certified Ergonomics Associate will need to complete 60 hours’ worth of ergonomics projects. This course systematically takes participants through the process of a selection of ergonomics research studies and assessments.

More information to follow





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