Postgraduate Programmes

The Department of Human Kinetics and Ergonomics offers postgraduate programmes at Honours, Masters and PhD levels. All three can be taken in either the Faculty of Arts or Science, depending on the prospective students' background as well as the focus of the work to be undertaken.

Human Kinetics and Ergonomics Honours

Entrance requirements:Due to the multi-disciplinary nature of Ergonomics, with input from diverse disciplines such as anatomy, anthropometry, architecture, biomechanics, computer science, electronics, engineering, management, physics, medicine, physiology and psychology, the background of prospective students could in all probability be very diverse. However, initially applicants are likely to be predominately Human Kinetics and Ergonomics majors with either a BA or BSc as their entry qualification. The other two broad areas from which we are likely to attract students include the Medical/Health domains such as occupational therapy, physiotherapy and industrial psychology or management.

For detailed information on the 2017 Honours curiculum consult the HKE Student Handbook 2017 - Postgraduates

Images from recent Honours class field trips in and around Grahamstown (2014)

Masters and PhD Degrees

All MSc, MA and PhD degrees are by thesis with no formal course work. Students will be supervised by at least one member of staff within the department. Full time participation is encouraged although special arrangements can be made for part-time involvement. 

Although holistic integrated analysis is strongly encouraged, an emphasis on one of the four broad domains of biophysical, physiological, psychological or conceptual is accepted.

Examiners include national and international scientists in the respective fields.

The broad area of expertise in the department is in Ergonomics generally with specialization in manual materials handling, back stress, macro-micro ergonomics, psychophysical stress, occupational rehabilitation and ergonomics in industrially developing countries.

Other areas of interest in the department are:

- in the broad area of Sport Science and Enhancement of Performance with analysis of both physical and mental interactive components.

- disability assessment and rehabilitation.

For more information on past and current Masters and PhD Theses, go to the 'Research', 'Post-grad Projects' section.

For further postgraduate degree options in HKE, please consult the HKE Student Handbook 2017 - Postgraduates.


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