Vision and Mission

In pursuit of academic distinction, Rhodes University strives to offer an employment partnership of choice to prospective and current staff by:

  • Furthering institutional excellence and appreciating contribution in support of such excellence; and
  • Affording respect and dignity to both the individual and the collective.

The HR Division plays a pivotal role in realising this commitment. The vision of the HR Division is to realise the successful implementation of this employment partnership of choice, believing this will be achieved through:

  • Championing this partnership and its achievement
  • Demonstrating leadership in all that we do
  • Partnering with management and staff

Rhodes University is committed to attracting and retaining staff of the highest calibre namely:

  • Academic staff who can promote excellence and innovation in teaching and research;
  • Support staff who by their professional conduct actively support this academic endeavour; and
  • Academic and support staff who together create an environment that encourages students to reach their full potential.

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