Dealing with Abesenteeism

Each and every staff member within the University contributes to the success of the institution. This means that staff are required to be at work and to do the duties required of them. The smooth running of the University requires planning of activities within the various department and divisions. The failure of a staff member to report for duty disrupts this planning. This in turn disrupts the work of the department and the provision of the services of that area.  In areas where the work needs to be done on the same day e.g. in Food services or in cleaning posts or lecturing posts, the absence of a staff member, will impact other members of the department or area who are likely to have to pick up that work.  On-going staff absences may result in additional staff needing to be employed which impacts the finances of the University.   In a budget environment where the University is striving to improve remuneration of staff, this may be a waste of valuable resources.

It is very important for HoD/ manager to handle absenteeism cases with the urgency they deserve. Delays in dealing with absenteeism can be costly to Rhodes and have a negative impact on others in the team.

Protocol to deal with absenteeism: Protocol to deal with absenteeism

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