Employment Equity

As a critical strategic imperative of the University, the HoD is responsible for contributing to the achievement of goals related to employment equity, at the level of the department.

This involves:

  • Setting of employment equity quantitative targets for the department. Each department has an EE plan for the period 1 September 2010 to 31 August 2015. If as a new HOD you do not have this plan, please contact the IR&EE Specialist of the HR Division. Contact details at: http://www.ru.ac.za/humanresources/humanresources/meettheteam/
  • Reviewing of the departmental quantitative targets on an annual basis. The HR Division will request this updated information in September of each year
  • Consideration of issues of departmental culture with reference to how the culture of the department seeks to support the development, promotion and retention of staff paying particular attention to the experiences of members of designated groups. For assistance in exploring these issues, please consult the Director: Human Resources or Director: Equity and Institutional Culture.
  • Contribution to institutional debates as regards employment equity.

For more information related to employment equity, please refer to: http://www.ru.ac.za/humanresources/policiesandinfo/employmentequity/

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