Annual leave for Academic Staff

While the Basic Conditions of Employment Act prescribes a minimum period of 15 working days as annual leave, at this point in time, the University does not manage annual leave for academic staff. Given the nature of academia, the University prefers to not be prescriptive about issues of annual leave. Within the parameters of the expectations and responsibilities of academics and the employment contract of academics, the University respects the autonomy of individual departments to set norms regarding annual leave and in particular, the presence/absence of academics during vacation periods. The University expects that vacation periods will be used for research, attending conferences and/or preparing teaching curriculum. However, it also recognises the academic’s right to determine his/her own work schedule and consistent with departmental norms, it may not be necessary to be physically present in the department during vacation periods.

As Head of Department, you are advised to have a common agreement and understanding as regards the following:

  • When academic staff are expected to return and be available for meetings and consultations in the new year. For many departments, this is usually mid January;
  • Whether or not academic staff are expected to be in the department and available for meetings and consultations during vacation periods; and
  • When the fourth academic term ends and academics no longer need to be available for meetings and consultations in the department.


For information related to the management of leave of support staff, refer to:

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