Sick leave of Academic Staff

While the Basic Conditions of Employment Act prescribes a minimum period of 30 working days per three year cycle, at this point in time, the University does not manage the sick leave for academic staff. Due to the flexibility of work of the academic staff, these staff are not required to submit sick leave forms. During term time however, an academic staff member should advise the HoD or secretary if they are ill and not coming into work.

The Head of Department is responsible for:

  • Dealing with continued absences of an academic staff member due to sick leave. In this instance, the sick leave of this person will need to be actively managed with sick leave certificates being submitted. Please consult your HR Generalist in this regard;
  • Seeking support for the department where the sick leave of an academic staff member for a prolonged period is negatively impacting the other staff in the department or the department’s activities. In this case, the HR Division will be able to provide interim finance for the employment of temporary staff.  Please consult your HR Generalist in this regard;
  • Motivating for special sick leave for a staff member when s/he will be ill for extensive periods e.g. more than 30 working days in one year. The HR Division can also assist the department. Please consult your HR Generalist in this regard.

Contact details for HR Generalists is available at:


For information related to the management of leave of support staff, refer to:

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