Academic Staff Workloads

As Head of Department, it is important that staff members are allocated equitable and reasonable workloads. It is the HoD’s responsibility to ensure that this is done fairly, within a framework negotiated with staff.

Different departments have different work allocation models:

  • Some only focus on teaching, looking at hours for preparation, facilitation and assessment
  • Some only focus on teaching and co-ordination of courses
  • Others focus on teaching, co-ordination, departmental administrative portfolios as well as research supervision and research output including further study. This is regarded as a more holistic approach.
  • Some take into account when staff, particular junior lecturers and lecturers, are working towards a further degree by allocating less teaching work in the short-term, recognising that in due course, the staff member will assume more teaching
  • Some take into account large administrative portfolios e.g. being Head of Department or Masters Programme Co-ordinator and therefore less teaching is allocated.

Moving from one dispensation to another can be difficult and in doing so, some departments have used an external facilitator.

HoDs wanting to discuss the issue of workloads can speak to the Dean or the Director: Human Resources.

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