Student Assistance

This funding, budgeted for annually, is to provide for tutorial assistance, demonstrators, essay markers as well as Graduate Assistant Bursaries within academic departments.

A budget allocation is made by the HR Division and then an allocation of this to Faculties takes place by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Research and Development where-after the Deans allocate a budget to the various departments. This is usually done in January/February of the new year.

Note that this budget is to be distinguished from that for students who are sometimes appointed in the department to assist with administration work.  Such funding would be requested under the Temporary Assistance budget as part of the HR Division budget process. For more information, refer to:


Once the Dean of the Faculty has made the departmental allocations and advised HoDs and the HR Division, appointments can be made as follows:

  • Graduate Assistance Bursars: The HR generalist for your Faculty will do the GAB letters for the various student/s  once the HoD has notified HR who will be appointed as GABs. The personal particulars document requires completion and submission to HR: Personal Particulars for Graduate Assistant Bursars
  • Appointment of tutors, demonstrators etc is done by the department. These individuals are paid on an hourly basis for work completed. Remuneration of students is consistent across the University and is outlined in the document:  Allowances and Payments 2016

For any queries, please direct these to the HR Generalist for your Faculty. Contact details can be found at:

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