Leave Managers Guidelines and FAQ

HoDs and Managers, as custodians of institutional resources, must ensure the appropriate management of leave. The documents provided below are designed to assist Managers and HOD’s in ensuring that leave is managed fairly and consistently across the University.

Additional Leave Guidelines for Managers
Annual Leave Guidelines for Managers
Leave in lieu of Overtime Guidelines for Managers
Leave Matrix - Managers
Sick Leave Guidelines for Managers
Special Sick Leave Guidelines for Managers
Study Leave Guidelines for Managers

All leave taken by support staff other than that in the official shutdown period between Christmas and New Year must be recorded on the application form, authorised by the manager and sent immediately to the HR Administration section for capturing.

For shutdown dates, click here: http://www.ru.ac.za/humanresources/information/shut-downdates/

For managing shutdown from a management point of view, see the Protocol Regarding the Annual Shutdown Period

Leave Lookup

HoDs and Managers with access to the Employee Self Service (ESS) can confirm leave balances of the staff who report to them by referring to the Employee Self Service  for a report detailing leave for the section/department/division. 

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