HR Induction

Staff arriving in the morning

A key element in the induction program is the partnership between HR and the Division/department/work area of the new member. HR will be responsible for the initial administration, facilitation and evaluation of processes and provision of support for departments, HoD’s/ managers and mentors.

The HR Generalist will perform the following activities during the induction process:

1.  Communication before arrival

  • HR forwards related employment documentation to the staff member, follows-up on documentation, addresses questions asked.
  • Different arrangements will obviously be made for those without electronic access.

2.  HR to liaise with the department re logistics

  • Arrangements regarding where the new staff member will report to on the first day. It would be ideal for a new member to first report to HR for completion of relevant documentation and thereafter to the department.
  • The name of the department’s representative, who will welcome the new member, needs to be confirmed by the HR Generalist.  
  • Confirmation of the time that the staff member can be expected in the department.
  • Confirmation of the designated mentor in the department and if there are any uncertainties regarding the responsibilities.
  • Reminder re logistics that need addressing e.g. office, telephone, computer, IT access etc.

 3. Two weeks before arrival

  • HR to forward the outline of the induction programme to the new staff member.

 4.  First day of arrival

  •  HR Generalist to welcome the new member, as agreed.
  • Hand over the induction information folder.
  • Verify all documentation and introduce the new member to the department, as per arrangement.  

 5.  HR to follow-up with an induction interview after the first two months of employment

  • New staff members can complete the questionnaire beforehand but HR will discuss it with the member and probe where necessary.
  • Follow up on areas with the HoD where induction is incomplete or problem areas were identified.

 6.  “Meet and greet” for all new staff members

  • A social function for all new staff and their partners / spouses will be arranged.
  • Guest speakers will discuss the various support group activities.

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