Probation Report

Probation reports required for new staff appointments will normally be requested by Human Resources one month prior to the due date. 

The probation periods are as follows:

  1. Grades 1 to 5:6 months no report but if there are problems, please consult your HR Generalist
  2. Grades 6 to 9: 1 year with two reports being submitted at the end of each 6 months
  3. Grades 10+: 2 years with two reports being submitted at the end of each year

Probation reports use the Job Profile format. As HoD/ Manager, you are asked to comment on the staff member's exection of the Key Responsibility Areas as well as their competencies to do the job.

HoDs/ Managers are encouraged to follow the process below:

  1. Indicate to staff member that the probation report needs to be written and how the process will work
  2. Access feedback from multiple sources as regards the person's contribution e.g. colleagues, staff report to him/ her, clients, students
  3. Require the person to conduct a self-assessment, in writing using the Job Profile probation template sent to you from HR; ask the person to submit this self assessment to yourself;
  4. Using data from 2+3 above plus your own experiences and insights; write up your assessment of the person;
  5. Meet to discuss the assessement, explore areas of disagreement. If you are unable to agree, reflect this. offer the staff member the opportunity to respond to the report in writing.
  6. Submit to your HR Generalist. If necessary, seek advice from your HR Generalist
  7. On the basis of the probation report, draw up an Individual Development Plan. A template for such plan is provided, see attachment Individual Development Plan Template

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