Recognising and rewarding staff

It is the Head of Division/ Manager's responsibility to explore how to recognise and reward staff in the department and to either put in place strategies within the department or seek to utilise those provided by the institution. 

Strategies for recognition and reward are numerous and should be tailored to suit the individual’s needs and values. While some individuals value public recognition for accomplishments and achievements, others value financial rewards, others value the time and interest shown in their work or personal development or the support for personal development activities or even being prepared to assist when needed.

Formal institutional strategies for recognition and rewarding of staff include:

  • Promotion: Support staff can be promoted by applying for vacant posts in the institution. While as a manager, you may not want to lose the staff member to your department/ Division, his/her personal career trajectory is more important. See career development discussions below.

Other strategies that can be pursued but which are not currently formalised include:

  • Career development discussions: Discussing a staff member’s future career plans and being prepared to invest time and energy in facilitating the needed development, is regarded as staff as recognition of their hard work and commitment to the department.
  •  Support for staff development: Supporting a staff member’s request to participate in staff development activities can also be used as a strategy to recognise hard work and commitment;
  •  Time-off: Where staff have been working very hard or have done a particularly good job or been prepared to work after hours e.g. for a departmental function, you may wish to surprise them with an afternoon off. Many staff view the flexibility shown around attending children’s functions, also recognition of hard work.

 Within the department, the following may also be considered:

  • Celebration of achievements 
  • Public recognition of achievements at meetings;
  • Small gifts e.g. bottle of wine, chocolates or flowers;
  • Thanks to staff for a job well done


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