This webpage provides documentation and information that is often requested from the HR Division such as:

  • Lists e.g. honorary appointment, current HoDs and current Deans
  • Information e.g. presentations given to staff on HR issues, current information related to salary increases
  • Policies and protocols e.g. Equity policy, Recruitment and Selection policies, Disciplinary code
  • Templates e.g. applications for leave, merit awards
  • Toolkits e.g. writing a job profile, writing a probationary report

The following website addresses may also prove useful:

  • www.labour.gov.za for copies of the labour legislation such as the Employment Equity Act, Basic Conditions of Employment Act and Labour Relations Act;
  • www.saqa.org.za to access the South African Qualifications Authority. This body certifies qualifications for foreign nationals wishing to be employed in RSA;
  • www.etdpseta.org.za to access the Education Training and Development Practices SETA.

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